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PostSubject: Class Guide   Class Guide Icon_minitimeMon Feb 18, 2008 11:19 am

[QUOTE=KiaMe;159]First classes

Players can change to another class when they reach level 15 by completing a certain quest for that particular class.
Class Guide Image025
* Mercenary - Mercenaries fight with melee weapons such as swords and axes, but their weapons are more refined than the ones of their predecessors. They also have the highest attack and defence rate out of all the first classes. Mercenary abilities involve spinning about to shred enemies, a certain attack that absorbs an enemy's life while damaging them, spreading nets, and firing shockwaves at opponents from a close up distance. A Mercenary can become either a Knight or Blade when they reach level 60. The damage of a Mecenary relies on STR.
Class Guide Image120
* Magician - Magicians are masters of magic who use weapons such as a one-handed Wand or two-handed Staff, with the former having a ranged attack. They can also melee attack with their weapons, although they are meant more for the use of magic. Staffs are the most powerful of the two, but using a wand gives the option of wearing a shield to increase defense. Magicians can cast powerful ranged spells and normally have the lowest HP, but the highest MP, among all the classes. Magician abilities include fire, water, earth, wind, lightning and short-range teleportation spell for attack and escape. They may advance to an Elementer or Psykeeper at level 60. Magicians' skill damage relies on INT.

Class Guide Image071
* Assist - Assists are usually supporting characters who can cast and heal supportive spells or go offensive and use a knuckle. Using a two-handed Stick, Assists can cast various buffs to help another character or themselves in the game. By using Knuckles ar-ups, Assists can be self-sufficient. These variants of assists are the first class to acquire an AoE attack , at level 28. Assist abilities include healing, hammering the ground to damage surrounding foes, raising stats temporarily of players, and resurrecting dead players. At level 60, Assists can become Ringmasters or Billposters. Assist's knuckle damage relies on STR. Heal power and buff duration relies on INT. Certain skills for both second classes use INT for damage calculation.

Class Guide 1-4-m1
* Acrobat - Acrobats are ranged fighters that utilize Bows or Yo-yos as their weapons. Arrows used for bows are consumed as they are used and must be repurchased once a player's amount of arrows has been depleted. Yo-Yos have a shorter range than bows, but longer range than melee-ranged weapons. Both weapon types are two-handed, disabling the Acrobats' use of shields with their usual weapons equipped. Their yo-yo attacks also have a slight chance of knocking the enemy back. Skills used with Yo-Yos equipped consume FP, while Arrow skills consume MP. Acrobats also have the second available AoE skill (at level 50), Arrow Rain. However, because of this skill's long cool down time, it is used in conjunction with other AoEs which have similar cool down times when they become ranger. Acrobat abilities include quickly shoot at an enemy, firing a barrage of arrows, shooting accurately with a bow, stunning opponents, making an enemy bleed (continuous loss of life for a few seconds), countering an opponent's attack, stealing the opponent's money, running faster, and turning invisible for a short moment. Acrobats can become Jesters or Rangers at level 60. Yoyo damage relies on STR, bow relies on DEX.

Second classes

Players may change to an advanced class by completing certain quests at level 60. These advanced classes, also known as second classes, specify certain characteristics of the previous classes. Upon reaching level 60, no further experience points are gained until the character completes a "Second Job" quest. Each of the four first classes branch into two second classes. On a visual note, some of the classes have a unique battle stance unlike their first class counterparts.

Mercenary second classes

Class Guide Image058
* Blade - Blades focus on speed and power over defense. Their high attack power and high attack speed make them able to kill mobs very quickly, giving them high damage-per-second ratios in the game. Blades are given the ability to dual wield, either two swords or two axes, increasing their current attack rate per strength stat, at the expense of some attack speed. A Blade may also use one sword and one axe (or a weapon and a shield), but they will not be able to use Mercenary self-buffs. However, it has been confirmed that even if they do use one sword and one axe, they will still be able to use certain blade skills that are non-weapon specific, such as beserk or sonic blade, as those do not specify which weapon type it requires in order for the skill to activate.

Class Guide Image045
* Knight - Knights focus on defense over speed. They have the ability to wield the most powerful, albeit slowest weapons in the game, as well as the most protective armors (the lack of a shield is made up for by their armors' heavy defense.) In general, Knights are more efficient than other classes at making use of their Area of effect (AoE) skills, as they can take many more monsters at a time due to their naturally high defense. Knights are usually considered the tank characters in Fly For Fun, since Knights receive a greater HP bonus for each point of stamina than any other class in the game. Like the Blade, a Knight can use a single handed weapon with or without a shield, but will be unable to use any Knight-specific skills. However, the downside to a knight is that many people complain about only having 3 area of effect (AoE) skills to use whilst grinding, or also known as fighting. These 3 skills are Power Stump (which can stun the enemy and affects all around the player), Power Swing (which can push all the enemies in the AoE back) and Earth Divider ( an AoE in which only the monsters in a frontal assault will be affected). Therefore, people favor more flexible AoE classes such as elementors, which have numerous amounts of AoE skills to juggle around with.

Magician second classes

Class Guide Image141
* Psykeeper - Psykeepers are the masters of hexes. When wielding a wand, Psykeepers "hover" in the air and glide across instead of walking on the ground. Psykeepers have access to the forbidden arts that can damage monsters from the inside, synchronize their own minds with their antagonists to share the pain from attacks, or create barriers to ward off oncoming attackers. All of their spells are non-elemental and can only be cast using a wand. Most of a Psykeeper's spells are known as debuffs, or spells that deal negative effects other than direct damage to an enemy.

Class Guide Image155
* Elementor - Elementors have the ability to manipulate the elements. They can cast area of effect spells such as poisonous clouds, sandstorms and summon massive meteors from deep space. At level 65 Elementors are able to use their elements to attack all the monsters in the surrounding area. All Elementer skills require an equipped staff; it is not possible to use Elementor spells with a wand. An Elementor's abilities include not only offensive spells of every element, but also buffs to increase elemental damage. Due to their mastery of the elements, they can deal increased amounts of damage to monsters by choosing the appropriate element that the monster is weak against. Elementors receive the least defense and health points per stamina point, therefore they cannot take many hits before dying unless they have many stamina points, and thus it is more difficult to survive hits from monsters with high attack, such as clockworks or giants, than any of the other classes. On the other hand, they can deal moderate damage to kill multiple opponents at once.

Assist second classes

Class Guide Image093
* Billposter - Billposters are the offensive second class of the Assist. They focus on offensive skills rather than defensive and healing ones. While requiring a stick to utilize their retained Assist abilities to heal and buff, Billposter skills utilize Knuckles to execute. These abilities include Asmodeus to raise attack power and the powerful Asalraalaikum attack that consumes all of the caster's MP, dealing considerable damage proportionate to the amount of MP(magic points) consumed. But like all melee characters they are at the mercy of long range attackers. However, if the proper build/skills are utilized, they can effectively stun their opponent rendering them useless for a few seconds which is more than enough time to defeat them. A Billposter can also function the same as a Blade with a high attack speed and power. Often these Billposters can take on higher level monsters than a blade without a Ringmaster due to the stunning effect of stonehand. The billposter is also a formidable foe when using stonehand and prevention in tandem as even when the billposter's health gets low it can stun and prevention replenishes their health.

Class Guide Image106
* Ringmaster - Ringmasters are the supportive second class of the Assist and have the most powerful buffs in the game. They are often the most sought-after class in the game, often desired to help a partner fight higher leveled monsters that they otherwise would be unable to, without a Ringmaster. Ringmasters use Sticks to buff and heal. A Ringmaster's abilities include Spirit Fortune to raise the attack power of allies and Geburah Tiphreth to raise the fighting capabilities of allied players. They are also capable of debuffing enemies and damaging them through force fields. Ringmasters are usually formed from Full Support Assists. These assists devote themselves to helping others and supporting them. This type of assist is best suited to become a Ringmaster. Ringmasters are easy to level up with a partner. Ringmasters are not limited to full support characters. They are quite capable of fending for themselves depending on how they distributed their stats. Upon reaching level 80, they will obtain their one and only damaging skill, Merkaba Hanzelrusha, which is an Int based AoE skill which deals damage over a time span of 10 seconds no matter what the skill level is set to. The other, rarer path of a ringmaster is a Battle Ringmaster (hereon known as BRM). In essence, these function the same as a Billposter, and have as much potential in combat.

Acrobat second classes

Class Guide 2-7-m1
* Jester - Jesters possess a large range of attacks. Unlike the court jester of medieval times, these Jesters are masters of trickery and are literally bloodthirsty fighters. They use yo-yos along with dark magic to drain blood in order to replenish their own health, inject poison into foes, launch coins to dent enemy armor, and impair their victims by attacking vital organs. They receive four times as much Critical Hit Rate from the Dexterity stat than any other class. Jester abilities include Enchant Poison and Vital Stab to attack an enemy's vital parts. However, Jesters are not limited to the use of a yoyo. If they wish to, they can take a bow and abuse the large crit rate, and damage that comes with having very high dex. They are referred to as BJ (Bow Jesters), and are very efficient in taking out very high leveled monsters.

Class Guide 2-8-m1
* Ranger - Rangers use bows to inflict damage as well as to render enemy strategies useless. They utilize the powers of nature in their attacks, such as creating Flame Arrows to singe flesh and Poison Arrows to inject toxic acids into foes. (Ice Arrow no longer slows enemies, as of version 9). Rangers often use their abilities to inflict damage on many opponents. A Ranger's abilities include skills like Triple Shot, Silent Arrow, and Fast Shot. Silent Arrow is among the Ranger's most deadly skills and the greatest against magician-type player characters, as it renders all skills requiring MP useless by using silent arrow, silencing the opponent. Rangers also get a huge bonus to their block rate gaining a four percent block rate for every ten points of dexterity compared to the one percent normally gained which adds a bonus attack of 200-300% in the ratio of 2:3.[/QUOTE]

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