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 Version 12 Class Changes

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PostSubject: Version 12 Class Changes   Version 12 Class Changes Icon_minitimeThu Apr 03, 2008 8:46 pm

Class Changes:
Assist Issues:
• Stonehand does not give any additional bonus at mastered level (20).

I think the Billposters are pretty close to being a solid and balanced
class, with the exception of their skill Asalraalaikum. With some
adjustments to that, and a minor reduction in their stun rate in PvP,
Billposters will be well balanced for PvP. The only remaining factor is
their slower leveling rate when PvM 1v1. This could be balanced by
adding a minor increase to the Attack rate from the Asmodeus skill by
about 20 at maxed level.

• Asalraalaikum (Asal)
– Most players feel that this skill is too strong. Mainly due to the
fact that with awakening shields with +MP, Billposters are able to gain
a very large damage increase in their damage of Asal in PvP. There are
many suggestions to fix this that include reducing the damage, increase
the casting time, or increasing the cooldown, or a small combination of
all 3.

• Stonehand +SonicHand -
Many players feel that while using both Stonehand and Sonichand
together, Billposters have an unfair Stun Rate in PvP situations.
Proposed solutions to this are giving Sonichand a 3-5 second cooldown,
or removing the ability to put SonicHand in the actionslot.

• Leveling Ability 1V1 PvM –
Many Billposters feel that in situations where they’re leveling against
monsters in a 1v1 environment, they are not effective enough to be able
to kill monsters fast enough. If Asmodeus was given a minor Attack
increase of +20 by mastered level, this would greatly help in fixing
this issue.

Ringmasters are generally split into two different play styles: Support, and Battle.
RM’s are the kind that assist their partners and parties with buffs and
heals, but don’t actually do any damage to the monsters.
Battle RM’s
are the type that fight monsters, usually by rounding up groups of them
and using area of effect spells to kill them. They care about having
bonuses on their armor like +Attack Speed, and Str.

Suggestions:• Hero Skill Return
– Every Ringmaster I spoke with agreed that they do not have anything
good to say about Return. Most of them want a much more beneficial
skill instead of something they just deem as a “free blinkwing”.
• Master Skill Blessing of the Wise Man –
Most Ringmasters feel that this skill is too similar to Gvur Tialia,
and it should be changed to something that is more beneficial for a
Battle or Support Ringmaster.
• Ringmaster Armor –
Until they reach level 105, nearly every player that plays a Support
Ringmaster uses the LvL 45 Assist Set (Wedge/Flury). They feel that the
bonuses from the set outweigh the bonuses of the LvL 75 and LvL 90
sets. Some adjustments to these sets, or the introduction of some new
armor sets that benefit Support Ringmasters would be great.
Ringmasters also feel that there are not enough armor sets that benefit
them past 105. Some additional armor would benefit them as well.
• Gvur Tialia – It should be adjusted so that it can remove more skills then only Stun and Bleeding.
• Geburah Tiphreth –
Players feel that due to issues with client/server lag and
synchronization, the range of this skill should be increased. This
would help ensure Ringmasters are properly able to keep their targets

Acrobat Issues:
Damage Over time Abilities and Dark Illusion
– Currently when a Ranger or Jester casts a skill that does Damage over
time, and then casts Dark Illusion, they lose the Dark Illusion when
the damage effect ticks on the enemy. This is considered by everyone to
be a major bug, and a problem that needs immediate fixing. It should
also be noted that when Pets loot items while their owners are in Dark
Illusion, the player also loses Dark Illusion.

Ranger community is made up primarily of those who use their Area of
Effect skills to kill monsters. Because of this, the current choices in
armor and weapons are limited, as they don’t directly support this play
style. Rangers feel that the bow selections benefit Jesters more then

• Silent Shot –
The Ranger skill silent shot is considered to be a bit too overpowered
against Elementors and Psykeepers, due to the fact if you repeatedly
cast it, it basically renders them useless.
Players suggested that
adding a minor cool down increase, or decrease the chance of success to
the skill would resolve this problem.
• Ice Arrow –
Rangers all feel that Ice Arrow should regain its slowing effect vs
monsters, and the slowdown rate in PvP should be increased to something
comparable to windfield.
• Poison Arrow –
Players feel that Poison Arrow is not useful enough in both PvP and
PvM. In PvP it’s because at high levels, the damage is barely
noticeable, and in PvM it doesn’t really make killing monsters that
much easier.
• Triple Shot –
Triple Shot in PvP does pretty much negligible damage against any class
with defense (or with hp). The skill is supposed to be the final Ranger
skill, but it ends up doing less damage then Junk Arrow. In PvM it
doesn’t do enough damage either. Considered by most to be a useless
Final Ranger skill. The skill needs a Substantial damage increase.
• Nature – Currently the amount of Magic damage reduced is too low. The amount that it blocks should be increased by a decent amount.
• Level 90 Armor Set – The Level 90 Armor set for the Rangers needs rebalancing. The +7 Str needs to be changed to +7 Dex, at the very least.
• Ranger Bows -
Rangers feel that other then the Angel's bow, most of the other bows in
the game benefit a Jester wielding a bow much more than a Ranger.
Rangers have asked for more bows that Give +HP.

• Escape – The Jester skill "Escape" needs to be fixed, at the moment it's not functioning properly. It does nothing.
• Counter Attack – The stun rate of Counter Attack should be given a healthy boost (similar to that of what it was in v7)
• Self Buffs – Mastered Jester self buff durations should last longer; something comparable to those of the self buffs of some other classes.
• Enchant Blood – This skill does not have a clearly listed use, and has no noticeable effect when used.
• PvM Yo-Yo Pushbacks –
Jesters feel that in PvE situations, the amount that a monster is
pushed back when the Jester is using Yo-Yo’s should be slightly
reduced. If this isn’t possible, then the pushing should only go as far
as the maximum range of the Yo-Yo’s.
• Bloody Yo-Yo – Bloody Yo-Yo’s are considered to need a different Modifier then defense.

Magician Issues:
• Binkpool –
Both Psykeepers and Elementors feel that it us unfair that Blinkpool
not only has now had its length reduced dramatically, but it is not
able to be used in the Guild Siege Arena (Guild vs Guild not 1v1). The
biggest request was to grant them the ability to use Blinkpool in the
siege arena, since Acrobat based classes are allowed Dark Illusion.
• Elementing of Staffs and Wands - If a user upgrades a staff or want to +1, it gives them the same elemental damage bonus as a +10 element upgrade.

of the Elementors feel that they have been the blunt of every major
change to classes since Version 6. More than anything, they feel that
their skills should be a real representation of their being “Masters of
the Elements”.
• Level 70 and 75 Skills –
Elementors feel that all of their level 70 and 75 skills should have
elemented effects. They also feel their skills have too strong of
graphic effects that end up causing a lot of lag. These Skills also do
less damage then their level 65 ones.
• Windfield or any other debuff skill should not last after the player is dead.
• Element Combinations –
Before a recent change, Elementors were known for using a combination
of Fire Strike with Windfield for attacking monsters. After the effects
of that combination were removed, there is now no longer a good 1v1
pvm/pvp element combination that can output the damage that other
classes at equal level can do.
• The Elementor Hero Skill – Most consider this to be too similar to the Psykeeper skill, and request they have something more unique and fitting.
• Magic Defense –
Currently there is no clear indicator what any player’s current magic
resistance is. This should be a stat that is displayed on the stats
• Staffs – Most
Elementors feel that many of the staffs they are forced to use, do not
have the key modifiers that they need. Some balancing of these be done
with a bigger emphasis on int, hp, and not +MP, Reduced MP Consumption.
• Ice Missile –
Elementors feel that without the effect of Ice Missile, they are not
able to properly handle monsters in their AOE spells. They care more
about this effect for PvE then PvP.

• Satanology -
Most Psykeepers feel that the length of this skill is not enough in PvM
situations. They would like a minor increase or increase per int.

• Sneaker –
Most Knights and Blades have requested that sneaker be returned to a
slow instead of a rooting skill. If its changed back to a slow, the
timer should remain (even if this means not affecting cw at all). If it
remains a root, the duration it should be reduced in PvP.
• Hit Reflect –
This skill should act more like a Jester’s counter attack, except the
player that hits them should still have their attack be successful.
• Protection –
Blades and Knights feel that protection is pretty much a useless skill.
At mastered level, 20 defense is considered to be a waste of a buff

• Pain Reflection – The damage reflected should be increased 10-15% in PvP situations.
• Additional Amor and Weapons –
Due to the many playstyles of the Knights (and many stat builds) they
would like additional choices of armor and weapons to accommodate those
• Stances and collision of Axes –
Though just a minor graphical thing, many knights are not happy with
the fact most axes stick in the ground when they wield them.

• Hero Skill –
Many Blades are not happy with the hero skill giving +defense. If
possible they would prefer a temporary % based damage reduction.

Version 12 Class Changes Ezoq6x
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Version 12 Class Changes
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