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 Skill Basics

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PostSubject: Skill Basics   Skill Basics Icon_minitimeTue Feb 19, 2008 11:55 pm

Skills - Skill Basics

Skill Basics SkillHow to use

1.Highlight a skill, and then click on the (1) icon to increase
the skill. Note: After increasing skill level click on finish (4), if
you do not click on finish (4) the skill will not become active.
2. Highlight a skill, and then click on the (2) icon to decrease
the skill. Note: This only works when you have purchased a reskill
scroll or you are in the process of calculating your skills. After
clicking on finish the minus icon (2) will no longer be active)
3. Highlight a skill then click reset (3) to reset the skills
back to 0.Note: This is a shortcut of the minus icon (2) to reduce all
skills to 0 if the user needs to start over.
4. After you have assigned your skill point click on finish (4)
to finalize your changes.Note: You must always press the finish (4)
icon after your skill settings have been adjusted, if you do not press
the finish (4) icon your changes will not be made.
5. Red number indicates actual skill level.
6. Green number indicates the changes you are making to this skill.
7. This layer uses a total of 1 point.
8. This layer uses a total of 3 points.
9. This layer uses a total of 3 points.

Step skill Immediately casted without preceding skill and circle,
finish can be followed. Circle skill Must be used between step &
finish skill, this should be the last skill in chain. Finish skill must
be used after step & circle skill, this shouldn't be any skill
after finish skill.

Kind of skill
Skill Basics GeneralSkillGeneral skillA skill that can be cast immediately without any preceding skill.
Skill Basics StabSkillStep skillA skill that can be cast immediately without any preceding skill and can be followed by a circle or finish skill.
Skill Basics CircleSkillCircle skillThis skill must be used between a Step and Finish Skill.
Skill Basics FinishSkillFinish skillThis skill can only be used after a Step and Circle Skill. You must not place a skill after this.

Action slot
Skill Basics ActionSlot

The action slot is located at the
right side of the quick slot bar. You can drag and drop your attack
skill icons to the action slot. By assigning the shortcut key to a
quick slot, you can execute the sequence of attacks with one press of
the hotkey assigned to the shortcut. You need to check if your skills
can be executed. You can determine this by looking at the icons in your
action slot. If it is covered in gray, it cannot be used yet.
Skill Basics Ssymbol
You can drag the action slot to either the quick slots or hotkeys for easy access.
Or press the "C" key to use the skills in this slot.

Collating action slot ~ skills can be
used in a sequence as long as you follow the order of the different
types of skills. The order is: Step > Circle > Finish. You can
only use the action icon if the skills are in order. An example on how
to collate skills in the action slot 1: Step > Circle > Finish. 2: Step > Finish. 3: Step > Circle > Circle > Finish. 4: General > General > General.

Skill Basics GeneralSkill Skill Basics StabSkill Skill Basics CircleSkill
Skill Basics CircleSkill Skill Basics FinishSkill You can put up to 5 skills on the action slot

Skill Basics ActionslotThe action slot will then look like this.


Skill Basics Ezoq6x
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Skill Basics
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