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 Whats New?(Collector Syystem)

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PostSubject: Whats New?(Collector Syystem)   Whats New?(Collector Syystem) Icon_minitimeFri Feb 15, 2008 12:45 pm

Whats New?(Collector Syystem) Collector_main

Items can be collected in certain areas using the Collector. The Collector requires Batteries to work.

Collectors and Batteries can be purchased from [Collecting Manager] Collins in every collecting area.

You can only use the Collector if the Battery has life.

Battery life is decreased by 1 every second while collecting.

A Battery can be filled to 1,800 life.

Collect 10 of the same "piece" item and bring them to [Collecting Manager] Collins, he will exchange them for complete items.

Item Piece
Candle Card Piece (HP 2%) Breeze Card Piece (FP 2%)
Magma Card Piece (HP 4%) Storm Card Piece (FP 4%)
Volcano Card Piece (HP 7%) Vacuum Card Piece (FP 7%)
Sand Card Piece (DEF 2%) Spark Card Piece (Attack 2%)
Mountain Card Piece (DEF 4%) Thunder Card Piece (Attack 4%)
Earthquake Card Piece (DEF 7%) Lightening Card Piece (Attack 7%)
Rain Card Piece (MP 2%) Sunstone Piece
Flood Card Piece (MP 4%) Moonstone Piece
Ocean Card Piece (MP 7%) Topaz Piece
Ruby Piece Sapphire Piece
Emerald Piece Diamond Piece
Toothed Wheel Small Toothed Wheel
Cloud Box Piece

Whole Piece
Gray Pill Blue Pill
Red Pill Yellow Pill
Gold Pill

*Please note that Toothed Wheel and Small Toothed Wheel do not combine into anything.

Whats New?(Collector Syystem) Ezoq6x
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Whats New?(Collector Syystem)
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