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 Whats New?(PvP)

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PostSubject: Whats New?(PvP)   Whats New?(PvP) Icon_minitimeFri Feb 15, 2008 12:46 pm

Whats New?(PvP) Subtitle_pvparena

Whats New?(PvP) Arena_main

:: Free PvP arena
:: Resurrecting place when characters die
:: [Arena Manager] Harrold: NPC who helps characters go out of the arena
:: [Arena Merchant] Deek: NPC who sells items that are needed for combat

Characters can PvP without penalty in this arena.

Only Characters that have reached their 1st Job will be able to enter the arena.

Talk to a [Public Office] NPC to enter the Arena.

Every character in the arena can be attacked, and AOE attacks will damage everyone in range.

Chracters can PvP without any penalty (including no exp loss) in this arena.

You cannot fly, use Scroll of Resurrection, or use Scroll of Blessing while inside the arena.

Whats New?(PvP) Subtitle_guildsiege

Whats New?(PvP) Guildsiege_main

- Minimum guild level: 30
- Minimum guild member level: 20
- Max no. of participants per guild: 10
- A Guild Leader or Kingpin must join

1. 10 members from each guild are chosen to participate in Guild Siege.

2. Each guild leader designates a Defender and several attackers before
entering the arena (the Leader role is automatically assigned to the
individual that registered for Siege).

3. Each participant has 6 lives; therefore each guild will have a total 60 lives (6*10).

4. 5 members from each guild are chosen to be the initial starting lineup.

5. When Siege begins, the starting lineup engages in battle.

6. If a guild member falls, another member enters the arena as their substitution.

7. If any participant is defeated, they are transported to the Observation Area until their next turn.

8. Guild Siege ends when either time expires or when only one guild is left standing.

* Logging out or disconnecting will result in 1 life being lost.

* All parties and buffs are cancelled before entering Siege.

- Any guild leader (within the provided criteria) can register for Guild Siege through [Guild War Manager] Frankie.
- Signups for upcoming Guild Sieges open immediately after the current
Guild Siege ends and remain open until the following Saturday at 18:30
- The minimum number of participating guilds required for Guild Siege: 2
- Min. Application Fee: 100,000,000 Penya.
- Top 8 highest paying applicants are selected for Guild Siege.

Failed/Canceled Applications
- When a guild fails to be accepted for Guild Siege, they will be
refunded 98% of their total Application Fee. The refunded Penya can be
claimed from
[Guild Manager] Donaris.
- When a Guild cancels their application, they will be refunded 80% of
their total Application Fee. The refunded Penya can be claimed from
[Guild Manager] Donaris.

Point and Scoring
Conditions for Bonus Point Bonus Point
When a player defeats an opponent they've never defeated before: +1
When a guild leader defeats an opponent: +1
When a player defeats an opponent: +1
For every remaining life: +1
- Guild Leaders get bonus points for defeating opponents.
- Players gain bonus points for defeating an opposing guild's Defender or Leader.
- Bonus points stack.

Conditions to Win
Conditions Priority
Highest score at the end of the Siege 1st Place
Most lives at the end of the Siege 2nd Place
Lowest average level of the surviving characters 3rd Place

Process (Every Saturday)
18:30 (PST) - Application ends and the participating guilds register their members.

19:30 (PST) - Characters enter the arena.
- Functions for guild inviting, adding friends on messenger, and partying become blocked.
- Observing characters trade and skills functions become blocked.

19:40 (PST) - Merchant NPC is removed from the Arena.
- First 5 members from each Guild are teleported to the battle area.

19:45 (PST) - Battle begins

20:15 (PST) - Battle ends

Finish - Winning Guilds and Guild Siege MVPs receive prizes.

Red Chip
- Use Red Chips to purchase armor from [Red Chip Merchant] Waforu in Flarine.
- Red Chips can be traded but not dropped.
- Can be stacked up to 9,999.
- If a character is not in the Guild Siege Arena when the Red Chips are distributed they will not receive the chips.
- If a character's inventory is full, the Red Chips will be sent to the character's mail box.
- Red Chips are the only reward for Guild Sieges.
- The more guilds that join, the higher the rewards offered.

Whats New?(PvP) Subtitle_1vs1

Whats New?(PvP) Main_1vs1


- Minimum application fee: 110,000,000 Penya
- Cancellation fee: 20% of the total application fee
- Failure to Qualify fee: 2% of the total application fee
(e.g., if your guild applied for Siege but got bumped off by a higher paying guild)

- [1vs1 Guild War Manager] Amos in Flarine manages registration

- Minimum guild level: 20
- Minimum guild member level: 30

- Minimum number of guilds required: 2
- Maximum number of guilds: 8

- Minimum number of guild members required: 6
- Maximum number of guild members allowed: 11

- A Guild leader or Kingpin must join

When an odd number of guilds apply for the Siege, the guild that
provided the lowest application fee will not be accepted. If 2 guilds
offer the same amount, the guild that registered first will hold

Process (Every Saturday)
17:00 (PST) - Registration ends and guilds begin selecting their members.

18:00 (PST) - Guilds move to the 1v1 Guild Siege Arena.

18:14 (PST) - The starting guild member from each guild receives a confirmation window.

18:15 (PST) - Guild Siege Begins

Finish - After the Siege ends everyone in the Arena teleports to Flarine.

Conditions to Win and Rewards
- Accumulate more wins than the other team to achieve victory
(ties are possible).
- Wins are achieved by defeating opponents.
- An opponent is defeated when their health falls to 0 during single combat.
- Any single-combat bout that doesn't end in 10 minutes results in a tie.

- No rewards are offered if the Siege ends in a tie.

Whats New?(PvP) Ezoq6x
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Whats New?(PvP)
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