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 Party System

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PostSubject: Party System   Party System Icon_minitimeWed Feb 20, 2008 12:28 am

Party System

A party is a small group of warriors sharing experience and items while in combat. You can form
two kinds of Party in Flyff, normal Party and advanced Party. Their difference is showed below by
the chart. You can view the Party information window by pressing Party System P.

You create a Party by either Alt+RightClick Party System Alt+Party System Right on a player and select Invite to join party.
Or you can type /partyinvite and then the name of the player. e.g. /partyinvite john_smith

Party System PartyWindow
1: Party name

2: Party Level

3: Party Experience

4: Party point

5: Experience Distribution

6: Item Distribution

7: Party Information

8: Party Skills
Party Window Explained
1: Party nameA normal Party has no party name, when you change it to an advanced Party, you can specify a party name. (Party level 10)
2: Party LevelYou can get experience and increase your 'Party level'
3: Party ExperienceYou get experience from monsters and quests.
4: Party pointTotal point of Party. Comes from increase in Party level.
5: Experience DistributionShareExplanation
Equal ShareShare same amount of experience among party members.
Contribution ShareExperience and items acquired will not be shared among party members.
6: Item
Share MethodExplanation
Private ShareItem will be go to the character who picked it.
Sequence ShareItems will be shared by given order.
Passive ShareItems will go to the party leader.
Random ShareItems will be randomly shared among party members.

7: Normal Party

Minimum of 2 members and maximum of 4 members, there is no job and
level limit. The number of members depends on the Party level. Normal
Party: Level 1-5, Member limit is 3. Level 6-10, you can add 1 Member.

7: Advanced Party

If normal Party reaches level 10, the Party leader can turn it into a advanced Party. The Party can
now start using party skills, rename the Party and add 2 more members. Maximum member of the
Party is 6.

8: Party Skills

IconNameDuration Level PointDescription
Party System Skill_TroCallCall0100Command to call party members.
Party System Skill_TroBlitzBlitz0100Specify what target to attack among party members.
Party System Skill_TroRetreatRetreat0100Command to retreat.
Party System Skill_TroSpherecircleSpear Circle0171Party skill which increases critical rate of target party member.
Party System Skill_TroLinkattackLink Attack20 Sec201Party skill which increases attack rate of target party member.
Party System Skill_TroFortunecircleFortune Circle5 Min255Increases the chance to drop unique items from monsters.
Party System Skill_TroStretchingStretching2 Min302Increases hp, mp and Fp recovery speed
to 1.5 times. If the party leader is an Assist, the recovery speed is
2.8 times when resting.
Party System Skill_TroGiftboxGift box5 Min408Amount of drop items will be double.

Party System Ezoq6x
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Party System
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