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 Game Controls

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PostSubject: Game Controls   Game Controls Icon_minitimeWed Feb 20, 2008 12:27 am

Game Controls

Game Controls W : Your character moves forward.
Game Controls S : Your character moves backward.
Game Controls A : Your character rotates to the left.
Game Controls D : Your character rotates to the right.
Game Controls X : To toggle walk or run.

Game Controls Space : Your character will jump.
Push left and right mouse button at same time will make your character jump too.

Game Controls Left : Using a mouse for movement is easier, just click with left mouse button on the spot you
wish your character to go.
Game Controls W : To activate auto-run press "W" twice rapidly, to deactivate auto-run press "W' or "S" once

Game Controls Left : Targeting - Click left button.
Game Controls Esc : Cancel targeting.
Game Controls Left : Single attack - Click left button with targeting.
Game Controls Ctrl Game Controls Left : Consecutive attack - Ctrl + click left button with targeting.
Game Controls Left : Automatic attack - Double click left button on a target.
Game Controls C : To activate the action slot sequence of skills.

Game Controls Left : Picking up item - Click left button on an item. (Or put the pick up motion on an quick key)
Game Controls Left : Using item - Double Click item in the inventory.
You can drag items skills or motion on the quick bar on bottom of your screen. (middle)
and use them with the F keys on your keyboard.

Game Controls I : Opens inventory window.
Game Controls E : Opens friend list.
Game Controls N : Opens mini-map. (navigator)
Game Controls H : Shows character information.
Game Controls K : Opens skill window
Game Controls Q : Opens quest window.
Game Controls M : Opens the local continent map.
Game Controls P : Opens the party window.
Game Controls G : Opens the guild window
Game Controls J : Opens the duration window.
Game Controls O : Opens the emotes window.

Character menu

Game Controls Alt - Game Controls Left To open the character menu, Press the "Alt" key on your keyboard and click on the
character you want to interact with.

Game Controls Popupmenu

Trade: You click to trade items with other players.
Add to my list: You click if you want to add a player to your friend list.
Invite to join party: Invite someone to party with you.
Follow: Click to follow another player.
View equipment: View what the other person is wearing. (Some may have disabled this in options)
Aid: Send someone a cheer point. (Which makes them gain more experience points for a certain time)


Game Controls Arrowleft : Moves camera left.
Game Controls Arrowright : Moves camera right.
Game Controls Arrowup : Move camera up.
Game Controls Arrowdown : Moves camera down.

Game Controls Right : Hold right mouse button, to move camera any way you want.
Game Controls Scroll : Rotate the mouse wheel up and down to zoom in/out your character view.
Game Controls Scroll : To return to the original view, double click the mouse wheel button.

Scroll Lock : Scroll Lock will place you into a first party view, pressing it again will increase
the zoom to 2x, 3x, and then back to regular view

Game Controls Ezoq6x
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Game Controls
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