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 Jobquest Acrobat

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PostSubject: Jobquest Acrobat   Jobquest Acrobat Icon_minitimeTue Feb 19, 2008 11:31 pm

Jobquest Acrobat Acrobat

Job Change - First Class - Acrobat

After reaching level 15, you are ready to change to Acrobat!
You need to go to Darkon2 town using a Blinkwing and find Hent, who is the Acrobat drillmaster.
You can buy Blinkwings from the Magic Shop Npc in East Flarine.

Vagrant Master (Acrobat)
*BUY another Darkon BlinkWing* (You will use this after your first quest is finished.
(See Darkon Npc Map)
Hent will give you a simple test before starting the training. He wants
to check if you did your best when you were Vagrant. You have to hunt
and kill 40 Small Aibats within 7 minutes.

As soon as Hent's quest starts, you will be transported back to Flaris, and the timer starts.
Kill the Aibats and warp
yourself back to Hent within the 7 minutes you have.

The best place to hunt Small Abiats is just above Flaris east circle.
Many Small Aibats there, and not many players. On your screen, the
total Aibats you killed will show, and sometimes you get a timer
warning. Don't worry though, 7 minutes is long enough for this quest,
as long as you have the blinkwing ready, and don't bother about stuff
Aibats drop Smile If you fail, then you can start the quest again.
When you have killed the 40 Small Aibats, warp back to Darkon and visit Hent again, to finish the quest.

QUEST 40 Small Abiats in 7 minutes
REWARD: Gain 1500 Penya, and a Blinkwing of Flaris.
Arm of Acrobat
Then its time for next part of the training. Hent
tells you that you need to get 10 Twinkle Stones which are in the eye
of the Aibat, 5 PeakyRinds which are in the back skin of PeakyTurtles
and 1 Slain, which is in the tail bone of Lawolf. When you have those
items, you have to visit
Pyre (See Darkon Npc Map) , who is the Acrobat Master
in Darkon, with the items you found.

QUEST: Gather the following items, and take them to Pyre
10 Twinkle StonesJobquest Acrobat TwinkleStone (found from all types of Abiat)
5 PeakyRindsJobquest Acrobat Peakyrind (found from all types of Peakyturtle)
1 SlainJobquest Acrobat Slain(found from all types of LaWolf)
REWARD: Gain 1500 Penya, and a Blinkwing of Flaris
Skill of Acrobat
Pyre tells you that you have passed the test successfully since you
brought these items. Pyre explains to you all about Acrobat weapons Bow
and Yoyo. After that, Pyre will give you the next training quest. Pyre
tells you about the High Dwarpet Tucani, who sometimes comes to the
River of Falling Tear for bathing. Tucani has lost a book there "The
book of Techniques". Pyre asks you to find the book and bring it to
Tucani. Tucani will tell you something when you bring him the book.
QUEST: Find the Book of Technique Jobquest Acrobat BookOfTechnique in the "River of Falling Tear" (Weeping River near Boss Bangs in Northern Flaris Mountains. That's the river under the
broken bridge. They drop randomly from the sky. (See
Flaris Map) some are quite regular, on the three little Islands.

REWARD: Gain 1500 Penya, and a Blinkwing of Darkon
When you find the book, you have to bring it to [High-Dwarpet] Tucani (You find Tucani, just above the lake in Flaris) (See
Flaris Map) Tucani is happy you brought his book,
he wants you to give a present as appreciation. He explains to you all about Bow, Yoyo, Mp, Fp and skills.
He gives you a label of Technique. Jobquest Acrobat LabelOfTechnique which you need to give to Tailer later. Don't lose it!.

Duty of Acrobat
Tucani will give you your last training quest. He tells you that there
is a Shuraiture guy (monster) nearby the Darkon village entrance, who
is harassing people in the village. You need to hunt this monster and
bring it to Tailor.

Tailer is happy you killed the
monster and brought it to her, she will reward you because you passed
your last test. After this, she explains more about being an acrobat,
and then she changes you into an Acrobat.

QUEST: Warp back to Darkon Town. Find the Shuraiture monster and kill
it (Be careful, as there are high level monsters close by). After you
kill the monster, you need to find [Acrobat Trainer] Tailer. You find
her next to Hent. (See
Darkon Map)

Jobquest Acrobat Shuraiture

REWARD: You gain the following items
1x Bull HamsternJobquest Acrobat Bull_Hamstern Timed Item, 15 minutes, MAX HP +300
1x VitalDrink XJobquest Acrobat Vitaldrink_X Timed Item, 20 minutes, FP 100% Recovery & Preserving
1x ActivationJobquest Acrobat Activition Timed Item., 10 minutes, Continue the Skills in Action Slot

You have finished the quest.....

Congratulations you are an Acrobat! Go and enjoy your adventure XD

All your stats have been reset, open the character window and assign them again....

Jobquest Acrobat Ezoq6x
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Jobquest Acrobat
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