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 Jobquests Merc.

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PostSubject: Jobquests Merc.   Jobquests Merc. Icon_minitimeTue Feb 19, 2008 11:24 pm

Jobquests Merc. Mercenary

Job Change - First Class - Mercenary

After reaching level 15, you are ready to change to Mercenary!
Vagrant Master Mercenary
Talk to [Drillmaster Mercenary] Mustang (East-Fl)
He says to hunt 20 Small Abiatts and 20 Small Mushpangs within 7 minutes, and to return to him.
Don't just stand there! Jump to it! hehe Surprised)

QUEST: 7 minutes to hunt 20 Small Abiatts, and 20 Small Mushpangs, and return to
[Drillmaster Mercenary] Mustang

Reward: Gain 1500 penya
Arm of Mercenary
Mustang continues telling you about materials they need for the Arm of Mercenary.
QUEST: Collect the following...
10 TwinklestoneJobquests Merc. TwinkleStone(from Abiatt)
5 Chupim Jobquests Merc. Chupim(from Pukepuke),
1 PoporamJobquests Merc. Poporam(from Dorydoma).
Take them to [Mercenary Master] Andy (North-Fl)
Reward: Gain 1500 penya
Mercenary Skills
Andy speaks of Mercenary skills, and continues, talking about a High Dwarpet Londrong you need to visit....
But you must take him a present, a book he lost a long time ago.
The Book of Technique.Jobquests Merc. BookOfTechnique
QUEST: Find Book of Technique in the River of Weeping
One spawns on one of the three little islands in the river.
Take it to High-Dwarpet Londrong who is with the other Dwarpets on
the high ground North East from Pukepukes; south east from Grownup
Londrong says..
"Oh! This is the book I lost long time ago!!"
He is very happy and rewards you.
Reward: Gain 1500 penya.
Duty of Mercenary
Londrong continues, giving you a "Label of Technique" Jobquests Merc. Label_of_Technique
and telling you not to lose it!
He also tells you that there is one final test...
He Says to hunt one "new kind of Masquerpet which is attacking people nearby of Flarine", but
he actually means the Babari behind the Bank in Flaris.
QUEST: Hunt one Babari.
Then go to [Mercenary Instructor] Hyuit (East-Fl)
Hyuit thanks you, takes the Label of Technique, and congratulates you on completing the final task.
Activation Jobquests Merc. ActivitionTimed item, 10 minutes, Continue the Skills in Action Slot
Bull Hamstern Jobquests Merc. Bull_HamsternTimed item, 15 minutes, MAX HP +300
Vitaldrink XJobquests Merc. Vitaldrink_XTimed item, 20 minutes, FP 100% Recovery & Preserving.

You have finished the quest.....

Congratulations you are a Mercenary! Go and enjoy your adventure XD

All your stats have been reset. Open the character window and assign them again....

Links for Mercenary:

Jobquests Merc. Ezoq6x

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Jobquests Merc.
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