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 Whats New?(Pets)

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PostSubject: Whats New?(Pets)   Fri Feb 15, 2008 12:50 pm

Piece of Pet Revival

The Scroll of Pet Revival will be created using "Scroll of Pet Revival Piece".
Bring a living pet to the Pet Tamer and trade it in for a "Scroll of Pet Revival".
Only S, A and B class pets can be recovered.
A dead pet can only be recovered by a scroll that matches its Class.
Create different Class scrolls by exchanging Living pets of the appropriate class.
(Ex: An S Class Pet will be Exchanged for a Pet Revival (S Class).)

Pet Revival (S Class)

Bring 5 Scroll of Pet Revival Pieces to NPC Pet Tamer, to create a Scroll of Pet Revival.
A revived pet will have 0 lives and be at 50% hp.

Exchange Pieces Exchange Items
(5x) Pet Revival S Piece Pet Revival (S Class)
(5x) Pet Revival A Piece Pet Revival (A Class)
(5x) Pet Revival B Piece Pet Revival (B Class)

* Pet Revival can also be puchased in the Premium Shop.

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Whats New?(Pets)
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