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 Whats New?(Gameplay)

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PostSubject: Whats New?(Gameplay)   Fri Feb 15, 2008 12:48 pm

Convenient U.I
The chat window has been upgraded.
Guild chat message now show in blue.
The chat bar has also been extended.

Camera with long-distance view
A new, long-distance camera view has been added to the Options.

Messenger shows more information
The messenger window is now wider and displays more information. Messenger (channel, state, level, job)
Icons in messenger will be easier to understand
There will be 7 icons that you will be able to select to indicate your status to your friends.
A sorting function for the messenger has been added.
Removing someone from your messenger will also remove you from their's.

Guild Bank Log
A Guild Bank Log is now available.
Leaders and Kingpins can access the logs to view who removed what from the Bank.

Private Shop:
When a character closes and reopens a private shop, the items being sold will be preserved.
Selecting "Initialize" will clear all the items in the private shop and set it to default.

Messages in the Private Shop:
Messages in the Private Shop are preserved until the shop closes.
The Chat window is divided by tabs.

Dialog Tab: Chat messages display here.

Information Tab: Transaction history displays here.

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Whats New?(Gameplay)
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